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Blue Angel
Self Titled, 1993
Label: Toshiba-EMI Limited
Golden Best


Rock and Roll Paradise

In the land of the Rising Sun where rockabilly bands are not novelty / nostalgia acts, Blue Angel, a female fronted Japanese rockabilly band, have been rocking and rolling since 1985. In those years, they have amassed a considerable discography. Their self titled album released in 1993 is sung mostly in Japanese with the occasional English lyric and mandatory rockabilly hoots and hollers.

Popularized in the American south during the 1950’s, rockabilly has been exported throughout the world. Rockabilly is the combination of country music (alias hillbilly music) with rhythm and blues and a shot or two of boogie woogie. What Blue Angel adds to this brew is their solid musical craftsmanship and infectious cheer which they infuse into every tune.

The CD design is uninspired, if your name is Blue Angel, your logo should not be in red. However, the booklet does have many fine shots of the band in full ’50s kitch photoshoot mode.

Rockabilly cats:

  • Akiko Urae … Lead Vocals
  • Seiji Namiki … Slap Bass, Harp, Vocals
  • Ken Saski … Drums, Percussion
  • Hiromichi Kanemitsu … Guitars, Vocals

Tracks and thoughts:

1. GO-CAT-GO, time 3:27
Strong opener. A good time.

2. ROCK’A BILLY NIGHT, time 3:23
A get-up-and-dance beat.

3. R&R PARADISE, time 3:35
A little boogie woogie in here. Add to a party mix.

4. Japanese title translates into Surely Striptease, time 2:58
A bit of the big band sound.

5. Partially Japanese title translates into KISS bitter, time 3:33
Nice vocal special FX at 1:29.

6. Japanese title translates into Hold, time 3:08
Faster, more cowboy guitar work.

7. MAGICAL LOVER BOY, time 3:01
Entertaining, sounds more like monster lover boy though.

8. Partially Japanese title translates into Dream to Fly Away, time 3:12
Borders on pop with great riffs and deft vocals.

9. Japanese title translates into Now surely, time 3:58
Happy with an extra helping of Harmonica and male / female harmony.

10. GET CRAZY, time 3:44
Bluesy riff, darker tone to this tune than the other offerings.
Belongs on a young-lovers-gone-bad type movie soundtrack.

11. I LOVE YOU, time 4:44
Way too long. Slower more of a country ballad with pull on your heart strings vocals.

12. KISS! KISS!! Fall in Love, time 3:31
Hard not to fall in love with this song.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM.com recommends the self titled album by Blue Angel. It is high spirited and engaging. Help Blue Angel celebrate their 25th anniversary by checking out their work.

video courtesy youtube / SLAPBEATBLUEANGEL
photo courtesy flickr / Mr. David Rogerson