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Who the Bitch
Miracle Fight De Go! Go! Go!, 2009
Label: DCT Records
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Miracle Fight De Go! Go! Go! is bold, brash and in unabashed adorable Engrish with a striking cover image. This sassy five song collection is the second EP by Who The Bitch, a female fronted trio from Japan. Formed in 2005, Who The Bitch is ehi on vocal and guitar, Nao Star on vocal and bass and the Y chromosome belongs to the drummer … yatch. Together they make some very infectious and fun pop punk.

As with Who The Bitch’s self titled debut EP, Miracle Fight De Go! Go! Go! is a well produced fast paced rocker. However these new tunes are for the most part longer and more experimental than the band’s previous efforts. Most of these experiments succeed. Most.

“Belongs on a Nickelodeon teen movie soundtrack”

Tracks and Thoughts:

1. Hi! Jack!, time 3:07
Most likely to get stuck in your head. Friendly pop punk ear candy at its best. Belongs on a Nickelodeon teen movie soundtrack.

2. My style, time 4:04
Interesting sampling intro, rockin’ riffs and flawless harmony. Off the rails at 2:42 and lands into quasi-psychedelic territory.

3. Sadistic, time 5:13
Sexy, slick, sophisticated and possibly hypnotic. Also a bit too long.

4. Missile, time 4:25
Fry away! Fry away!

5. Liberal, time 3:23
A little reggae beat, great vocals, but an irritating base drop that slows the song to crawl not once but twice. A lost opportunity.

The Takeaway:
Riceburner.FM recommends Miracle Fight De Go! Go! Go! EP by Who the Bitch. Despite a bump in the road, it is an energetic and exciting ride. Available on HearJapan.com!

video courtesy youtube / whothebitch

Who the BitchWho the BitchWho the Bitch

photos courtesy Flickr / FZki

Nao Star

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