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Fifi And The Mach III
Attack The Zombies, 1993
Label: 1 + 2 Records
Discography courtesy King Automatic


Sounds Familiar

Attack The Zombies by Fifi And The Mach III features the standard punk icon influences of the Ramones, Sex Pistols, etc. Unfortunately this female fronted Japanese garage rock quartet doesn’t stray too far from them. Despite a lengthy discography, there is little about Fifi And The Mach III on the internet and no information or lyrics on the CD.

Those involved here are:

  • Fifi … vocals
  • T. Futakuchi … guitars
  • Nolly … bass
  • Shy-chi … drums

Standard punk icon influences

By the numbers:

1. Snake Woman, time … 3:10
Heartfelt vocals. The pronunciation of Snake Woman is way off.

2. Cherry Boy, Cutie Boy, time … 1:57
Upbeat. Poppy. Just the right length. May actually be a little too long.

3. Shio Shio No Par, time … 2:38
A rocker. Could have used more of this on the CD.

4. The Punk, time … 2:34
Cover of Cherry Vanilla with God save the Queen riff intro.

5. Dog Of The Trend, time … 2:13
Good beat. Nice vocal fx at 1:40.

6. Did You No Wrong, time … 3:16
Enthusiastic cover of the Sex Pistols.

7. Raw Power Queen, time … 6:20
Cut this arena rock anthem in half.

8. I Need You, time … 2:35
Interesting hook and guitar work at 1:24.

9. Jungle Luhga, time … 2:57
Jungle beat intro, not much else.

10. Looking For A Kiss, time … 3:07
Another enthusiastic cover of the Sex Pistols.

11. Crazy Widow Maker, time … 3:20
Solid, but no surprises.

12. I Wanna Kiss, time … 1:55
Short and sweet.

13. I Don’t Wanna Be With You, time … 1:18
Quick trip to nowhere.

14. Ma-Ka-Hoy Zombie, time … 4:54
Surfin’ Bird homage.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Attack The Zombies by Fifi And The Mach III with the caveat that your musical tastes are stuck in ’77.
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poster courtesy Gigposters / Riri

video courtesy youtube / fujipunks