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Thee 50’s High Teens
Self-titled EP, 2004
Label: P-Vine Japan


Fukuoka Girls School of Rock and Roll

The self-titled EP by Thee 50’s High Teens is an intoxicating musical brew. A mixture of retro rock, including some thunderous organ playing and garage punk with a sprinkling of the occasional Engrish makes Thee 50’s High Teens’ distinctive song style.

Sung in Japanese with both boundless enthusiasm and an intense angst, prepare your ears because most of the tracks feature screaming as musical instruments. Surprise Sun has a Leader Of The Pack type sound effect intro, which is very appropriate for this girl group sound fun tune and Blues for Tears is a little too long, but this slow burnin’ bluesy number comes complete with cryin’.

boundless enthusiasm and an intense angst

The all girl band from Fukuoka, Japan has been performing for years in their native land as well as touring in Europe and the States. The CD design is a 60’s flower power psychedelic mod motif, while their look and line up has changed since this release, here the group was:

Tomo … bass / vocal
Honey … guitar / scream
Kei … organ / scream
Ricca … drums / chorus

Time to rock with:

1. Elegy Rock, time 2:10

2. Surprise Sun, time 2:44

3. Blondie, time 3:28

4. Blues for Tears, time 4:38

5. Dance Little Sister, time 2:30

6. Balla Balla, time 2:42

7. Rock for Fallin’ Angel, time 3:45

The Take Away:
Riceburner.FM recommends the self-titled EP by Thee 50’s High Teens.
The self-titled EP by Thee 50’s High Teens is old school rock and roll revamped and revitalized for the new millennium.
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poster courtesy gigposters / Markus Schiffermann

Video courtesy youtube / bluesinteractionsinc