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Bomb the Twist, 1996
Sympathy for the Record Industry

If Sun Records were founded in the Land of the Rising Sun …

Bomb the Twist EP by the’s is Rockabilly, Surf and Garage rock mixed with the enthusiasm and reverence for music that is lacking in the western mainstream music industry today. If you dismiss this legendary Japanese all girl trio as a novelty act or retro kitschy you will miss out on some real sweet rock and roll treats. Sung in English, these tracks are simple straight forward love letters to a by gone age when music was primarily meant to be … fun.

some real sweet rock and roll treats

While their line up has changed over the years, the line up here was:

Yoshiko “Ronnie” Fujiyama … Guitar / Vocals
Akiko Omo … Bass / Backup Vocals
Sachiko Fujiyama … Drums / Backup Vocals

1. Bomb the Twist, time … 2:26
Raucous upbeat infectious fun, hard not to tap along to.

2. Jane In the Jungle, time … 2:50
Mostly acoustic surf sound with some crazy shouts mixed in.

3. Three Cool Chicks, time … 2:29
A reworking of the Coasters’ classic … Three Cool Cats.

4. Guitar Date, time … 2:41
Best suggestive lyric of the bunch:
C’mon baby now, take your gee-tar, I wanna play with it all night long!

5. Woo Hoo, time … 2:02
A cover of The Rock-A-Teens classic that was featured on both the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack and on a commercial.

6. Dream Boy, time … 3:11
Classic girl group sound rocking with sass and angst.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Bomb the Twist by The’s.
Despite the amateurish and unflattering cover, this is good time rock n’ roll.
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