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Who the Bitch
Toys, 2011
Label: DCT records, Inc.
sample disc provided by label


(Who) The Bitch is Back!

Toys is the first full length album from Who The Bitch, a female fronted trio from Japan. While Who The Bitch still has the same engaging girlie tracks sung in English and Japanese that won them fans worldwide, there are signs of a maturing sound. With this album Toys, Who The Bitch’s songs are more complex, the vocals are far more dramatic and there is a greater variety of musical styles and influences.

Who The Bitch started rocking together in 2005 and have released a number of EPs and singles in the years since. Toys contains several of those previously released singles, Superstar (2010), Charisma Hero (2010) and Vector (2011).

Toys has a fun filled and highly detailed Where’s Waldo inspired cover. However Toys really should have Who The Bitch’s latest promotional photo some where on the cover or packaging, especially since part of this band’s identity is their colorful glamorous look (see videos below).

The glamorous people in Who The Bitch are:

  • ehi … vocals, guitar
  • NAO Star… vocals, bass
  • yatch … drums

very likely to get stuck in your head

The track list, some thoughts and apologies for not having Japanese fonts working yet …

1. So I love you. (very very short version), time … 0:26
A quick instrumental music warm up. Skip if you are buying individual tracks.

2. Know a way, time … 2:53
Circa 1982 New Wave-ish beat and harmony with a provocative lyric … “My baby is hopeless in clumsy sh*t!!”

3. Vector (has Japanese title listed in the liner notes), time … 5:35
Nao Star gets to sing more. Very likely to get stuck in your head, another one of their sexy sassy tunes.

4. Telephone, time … 2:54
A barn-burner. Easy to imagine this music shaking the walls of some small live house in Tokyo, Japan.

5. idaho, time … 2:17
Nice punk intro. Attempt at riot girl music / noise? Too many competing elements, doesn’t quite come together.

6. Superstar, time … 5:36
A signature song. Superstar does what Who The Bitch does best … big bold pop punk music with bratty vocals and catchy hooks.

7. Summer, time … 3:51
A girl group harmony retro-y track reminiscent of a summer time movie music soundtrack. Impressive use of the scales. One of the album’s highlights.

8. Japanese title that translates into “your eyebrows” ~ ~ Love’s bible, time … 2:47
Intriguing lyric: Become a nice guy like my daddy.

9. Red Tea with Lemon (has Japanese title listed in the liner notes), time … 5:02
Haunting musical soundscape, vocals are particularly poignant … “I don’t say goodbye”. Perfect for a long drive to nowhere in particular.

10. Rest, time … 4:06
A musical anthem for “type A” personalities, but a little long.

11. Charisma Hero (crackling version), time … 4:07
“What you gonna do?”. Cool muffled vocals. Infectious beat and bass. Must-have music.

12. Chicken Heart, time … 4:12
Blistering and a little sad at the same time.

13. Japanese title that translates into “Hand”, time … 6:11
A faster almost tex mex sound, more great girl group harmony, enjoyable but not an outstanding number in this mix, ends at 2:58. Then … a hidden track? Entirely different song starts at 3:41, standard rehearsal noise intro, stripped down sound. Lovely. Anime end credits feel. Should be a featured track.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Toys by Who The Bitch.
Toys is another exciting offering from this talented trio of music makers.
Don’t wait for Christmas to play with Toys!

where’s waldo tribute courtesy who the bitch

photo courtesy who the bitch


video courtesy youtube / whothebitch

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