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Choice of Life, 2008
Label: Ritch Bitch Records


Rock for the connoisseur

Choice of Life is the dynamic debut album by Rampant. Their Western counterpart would probably be Evanescence. Both bands feature a female lead vocal paired with backup scream-vocals and are considered to be “alternative” to today’s mainstream. However, Rampant’s sound is less goth-y, more nu metal / hard rock.

Rampant formed in Osaka, Japan in 2005, their members are:

Hiroko … vocals
Atsushi … guitar
Tomoya … guitar
Hajime … bass / chorus
KA+U … drums / thunder

Rampant’s songs are in both Japanese and English, although it sometimes hard to tell which is which. Fortunately the lyrics are provided in the CD booklet. Band members Tomoya and KA+U created the striking cover that matches their electrifying sound. The high tech snowflake pattern on the CD face and the green tones the CD design are rather reminiscent of the Matrix trilogy.

a compelling introduction

If you are in the mood for some quiet introspection and a pleasant cup of tea, Choice of Life isn’t for you. If however you want some intelligent if not always intelligible rock music for the sophisticated connoisseur, then check out the following:

1. SILENCE, time 5:18

2. NUDE, time 4:04

3. Try To Alive, time 4:52

4. CHOICE OF LIFE, time 5:51

5. Aqua hole, time 4:17

6. Thirsty Cause Cry, time 4:18

7. Day for me Day for you, time 3:37

8. Take me your way, time 4:29

9. PAIN, time 4:08

10. FIGHTER, time 4:22

11. OUTRO, time 1:24

Most of the songs are too long and skip the filler Outro,
focus your attention instead on:

NUDE … heavy on the drums and a side order of screaming.

Aqua hole … moody, evocative, lead singer Hiroko shows more emotion.

Thirsty Cause Cry … excellent opening riffs and mesmerizing vocals.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Choice of Life by Rampant.
Choice of Life is a compelling introduction from a band to watch. Easy to picture them on some future CW show soundtrack.
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video courtesy youtube / zbianca

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