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Thee Out Mods
Rock’n’roll Pirates, 2008
Label: 7 Samurai Records


Yes Virginia, there is a Rock Star and her name is Sana

Thee Out Mods are a three piece female fronted Japanese band, their debut album Rock’n’roll Pirates is old school punk rock and roll that is completely fresh and original. Its is time to learn to sing along phonetically as they perform in Japanese with a smattering of English curse words to punch up the tunes with an emphasis of cool.

Sana (vocals and guitar) has a Joan Jett meets Nana (a manga character) come to life looks. More importantly she is blessed with an exciting voice. She is joined adeptly by Yoshiki (bass), Kenny (drums) and part time member Ace (guitar) to create solid straightforward j-punk, no jpop included here. They formed in California in 2006, after making a name for themselves in Los Angeles and signing with indie label 7 Samurai Records, they moved to Japan in 2008 to rock fans in Asia.

There is a striking photo of Sana on the CD cover and a clever use of a treasure map layout in the CD trifold booklet.

Its is time to learn to sing along phonetically

Track List (some titles in Kanji on CD, but all are Westernized here):

1. Treasure Island, time 3:01

2. Umaku Ikanaize, time 2:24

3. Punk a go go, time 2:46

4. Sakura, time 2:53

5. Iikagenni shiyagare, time 2:29

6. Gero, time 2:04

7. It’s your life, time 2:54

8. F*ck This Sh*t, time 2:46

9. MY WAY, time 2:30

10. Rokudenashi, time 3:39

11. Glory, time 3:43

Songs are short and to the point and there are no losers in this stockpile of punk anthems, but the ear-catching ones include:

… a first-rate rocker with some curses.

Rokudenashi … starts a little slow and sad then perks up, shows Sana’s emotional range.

GLORY … “get get get the glory”, Thee Out Mods’ motto?

The Take Away:
RiceburnerFM recommends Rock’n’roll Pirates by Thee Out Mods.
It is full of sneering punk rawk attitude that will likely leave music fans quaking in their Doc Martens begging for more.
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Thee Out ModsThee Out Mods

photos from flickr / ZSasaki

video courtesy youtube / theeoutmods