Following up on the RiceburnerFM interview of Sinner Sinners wherein Steve Thill cites the influence of his friends the Elderberries on his band, here is a quick feature on the Elderberries …

The Elderberries are based in France, but some of their members hail from the UK and Canada as well. They perform in English and have some clever lyrics with smart storytelling. Their tracks are solid musical performances in the 70s rock tradition, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC seem to be their main influences. The Elderberries’ tunes would fit best on a classic rock radio station or played loud and live at a local pub or medium size venue.

The Elderberries are:

Chris Boulton – Lead Vocals
Jamie Pope – Bass / Vocals
Ryan Sutton – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Tom Pope – Guitar / Vocals
Yann Clavaizolle – Drums

Song highlights and comments …

Album: Ignorance & Bliss, 2009

Running For Life – Noir-ish lyric: “Got a coffin to fill”.
Gotta Get Me Good – ZZ Top-ish.
Looking For A Place to Go – A rock anthem for a Saturday night.

Album: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained, 2007

The Choice – More mainstream than others, but the lyrics are reminiscent of Christian rock.
Gone to Far – Belongs on some teen angst / coming of age movie soundtrack.
Au Bikini – Tells-You-Everything-You-Need-To-Know lyric:
“Sitting here in my favorite place, I no names, but I know every face”

While not the usual RiceburnerFM fare, the Elderberries have a number of engaging tracks that classic rock fans might enjoy. Check their myspace page for the European tour dates.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing gained by The Elderberries
Available Amazon UK

Ignorance and bliss by The Elderberries
Available Amazon UK


video courtesy youtube / MHzZ