Check out some performances from the Japanese born / Brooklyn based band … Hard Nips.

Enjoying their song “Island Radio” on their myspace page, it rocks, but has a bit of a somber tone.

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Band Members:

Yoko Nips … Vocals

Gooch Nips … Bass

Mariko Nips … Guitar

Emi Nips … Drums

stream courtesy livestream / knittingfactory

videos courtesy youtube / wwwhatsup

photos courtesy myspace / hardhardnips





Found some music samples, thanks to SoundCloud.

Island radio is still the favorite here.

i Sh*t U Not by HARD NIPS

Self Titled Album Coming Soon!

Label: Mixpak Records

Release date: Dec 7, 2010

UPDATE III: Dec 19, 2010

The HARD NIPS’ tune Sunstroke is now on the commercial soundtrack for Qewpie, a Japanese Mayonnaise. Congratulations!