So much music so little time to listen to it all. So here is a brief rundown of some bands to check out.

Always interesting to hear western music styles reinterpreted by eastern artists. Going to have get both Japanese and Chinese language to work on this website in the new year.

Silent Resentment

????? Silent resentment????? Silent resentment????? Silent resentment????? Silent resentment

Aural Vampire meets Rampant with Death Metal / Gallhammer vocals, very cool.

video courtesy youtube / silentresentment
photos courtesy flickr / sarry moc


duàn si si

Respect the genre’s songwriting, but not big into rap, still this track is hypnotic.

video courtesy youtube / hiphop242

Queen Sea Big Shark

Queen Sea Big Shark @ Mao LivehouseQueen Sea Big Sharkqueen sea big shark @ juicyQUEEN SEA BIG SHARK

Queen Sea Big Shark have been on RiceburnerFM’s radar for a while now. Their website lists them as electro but eclectic new wave with Siouxsie-esque vocals and a lot of mainstream appeal is probably just as good of a description.

Queen Sea Big Shark Amazon MP3s

video courtesy youtube / sinoprod
photos courtesy flickr / andyjamesmiller / Tang Ting / shanghaisound / yangon