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Hystoic Vein is part of the Japan Nite 2011 tour

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Hystoic Vein
Fake, 2011
Label: Unsigned
“monster rock band is from Japan”


Japan Nite 2011 Spotlight: Music Review of Fake by Hystoic Vein.

The title of this five song mini album “Fake” by Hystoic Vein is a bit of a misnomer because the band is the real deal. Hystoic Vein are known for their glam stage presence, but list new wave, garage rock and post punk as some of their musical influences as well. This talented all girl quartet is from Hyogo, Japan.

Band members:

  • Inko … Vocals
  • Youkaku … Guitar
  • Yukary … Bass
  • Lyn … Drums

the real deal

Tracks and some thoughts …

1. DECA-DENCE, time … 2:48
Reminiscent of the Japanese band Broken Doll’s crunk style or the English band the Fall’s soundscapes.

2. ring, time … 4:25
Best of the lot, but too long and ends abruptly. Closest that Hystoic Vein get to a mainstream tune here.

3. Ed, time … 3:51
Daisy Chainsaw-ish. Slow start with SFX intro, kicks into gear at 0:37. The awkward experimental stop and start adversely affects some of the really cool stuff happening on this track.

4. messiah, time … 3:19
A rocker.

5. Shadow, time … 6:52
Way too long. Slower and more somber, almost an ominous tone than the other songs. However, the dramatic vocals shows Inko’s range.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Fake by Hystoic Vein.
Fake is an impressive introduction to this band. Fans of noise, no-wave or riot girls may want to check them out.

Hystoic VeinHystoic Vein

videos courtesy youtube / chariswa / Bill1028
photos courtesy flickr / mysistersabarista / ravik694