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ZUKUNASISTERS is part of the Japan Nite 2011 tour.

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For You, 2010
Known as ZUKUNASI in Japan


Japan Nite 2011 Spotlight: Music Review of For You by ZUKUNASISTERS

For you is the second album from the all girl quartet ZUKUNASISTERS (or as they are known in their native Japan … ZUKUNASI). They are heavily influenced by African American music: 60’s / 70’s R&B, soul and gospel. ZUKUNASISTERS sing mostly in Japanese and have a stand-up-and-testify sound. Lead singer emi has deep rich Queen of Soul-type vocals that are matched with her dramatic Joplin-esque fervor.

Current band members:

  • emi … lead vocals, guitar
  • spicy-marico … bass, backing vocals
  • 238 … keyboards, backing vocals
  • Akane … drums, backing vocals

Queen of Soul-type vocals

If you have any doubts that a Japanese band can make great gospel music, prepare to have them erased.

The track list and some brief thoughts …

1. 21″7, time … 0:22
Filler intro, skip.

2. Shine, time … 5:08
Straightforward R&B.

3. SOULTRAIN, time … 3:30
Simply electrifying. A homage to the classic TV show?

4. YOU, time … 3:43
Church organ intro, then turns into almost a pop tune.

5. slow, time … 5:09
Elegant and moving.

6. Simple song of freedom, time … 4:11
Sincere and uplifting.

7. Theme Chokichokiman (translated), time … 4:11

8. hey now, time … 3:39
Some Shaft-ish funk.

9. I don’t cry, time … 5:29
Its okay to cry tears of joy.

10. Take a look at the sky Oh Sayake (translated), time … 4:57
A slow somber almost country blues tune, but a little long.

11. Thanks (translated), time … 5:18
Arigatou to you!

12. hello goodday!!, time … 4:24
A show stopper.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends For You by ZUKUNASISTERS
Great for a moody Sunday afternoon.

video courtesy youtube / ZUKUNASISTERS
photo courtesy the benten label

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