Gemini … Their First American Interview!

Gemini is a French / Chinese rock band based in Beijing, China. This talented twosome consists of Suna (lead vocals, piano) and Gabryl (vocals, guitar, composer). Their songs are sung in Mandarin Chinese, French and English with both members sharing in the songwriting duties.

Gemini was kind enough to answer a few questions via email.

RiceburnerFM: According to Wikipedia, Gemini’s members Suna and Gabryl met through an online dating website. If it is not too personal, how did you two go from chatting online to making music together? When did you first realize that you had something special together as “Gemini”?

Suna: Gabryl had a rock band in France back to 2004, but they broke up. Then I suggested him to try a project in China. In the beginning, I was just thinking of this as a solo project for him.

Gabryl: And I thought why couldn’t we made a duo group, Suna and I? Then I persuaded Suna into this GEMINI project.

RiceburnerFM: Suna’s twitter profile states “musician. writer. singer. designer. dreamer.”. In regards to Gemini’s creative process, where does one end and another begin?

Suna: I do love and need different kinds of creative activities during the same time. One never ends while another begins. 10 years ago, I started to write my first novel, it was a published work, but only few people read that book. However, that’s the beginning of my serious creation. And I never stopped writing until today. Even in GEMINI’s projects, we made our 2nd album, which is actually an music album and a same title novel. And I designed all the artworks of each GEMINI’s projects. I love the way how creation are mixed.

RiceburnerFM: Gemini is multilingual, what language do you think in? Are there some lyrics that just sound better or have more meaning in a particular language?

Suna: I think in Chinese, sometimes in French. I love how Chinese sounds in my songs. I love to choose the beautiful words to create a nice phrase. I can’t write in French. All the French part lyrics are written by Gabryl in our songs.

Gabryl: I think in French. But I always think English is better for rock music lyrics. It sounds just the right way.

“I love how Chinese sounds in my songs”

RiceburnerFM: Gemini’s videos are visually quite striking. Are you thinking about the potential visuals for your videos while you are still songwriting?

Gabryl: All my work is made from images on my mind. When I compose a song, before I get any melody I’m making the music and the universe. I need to visual something to know what I’m gonna sing and how.

RiceburnerFM: Describe Gemini’s sound in one word.


Gabryl: Different.

RiceburnerFM: When can your international fans expect a Gemini world tour? What is the one song that you can’t live without while on tour?

Suna: We don’t know when, but what we know is, we do need a manager work for that.

Gabryl: Right now, we only get manager in China and they aren’t interested in a “world tour”. If you have any proposal, we’re listening. (sic) Anyway, I think the song we have to perform every show is Iron Man … No doubt about it!

RiceburnerFM: Are there the same opportunities for a band to get corporate sponsorship or music licensing deals in the East as there are in the West?

Suna: In China, there are many opportunities of sponsorship for showbiz artists, the band has much less chances. Rock is almost a bad word in commercial fields. Anyway Two factors are important for sponsorship in China no matter what, celebrity and good manager.

RiceburnerFM: Is there any added pressure on you since Gemini is the first French-Chinese rock band in China?

Suna: No, no pressure on that point at all.

Gabryl: No, I think we are the only one.

RiceburnerFM: What other bands on the Chinese music scene should international music fans be checking out?

Suna: Cui jian with his band.

Gabryl: I still don’t understand how they checked on us at the first place, so how could I propose you another Chinese band. (sic) But I confirm, Cui jian is a good choice.

RiceburnerFM: Your 2011 album is entitled “Until The End”, what would Gemini be doing today if you knew that the world was ending tomorrow?

Suna: Nothing but excitedly waiting.

Gabryl: Drink wine while looking at the sky … Waiting aliens coming to saving us!

RiceburnerFM thanks Suna and Gabryl of Gemini for taking the time to answer these questions.
RiceburnerFM recommends checking out Gemini’s entire discography:
Personal Life (2007),
The Last Night of Monsters (2010),
Until the End (2011).
Check their myspace page for ordering links.

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