From Kerrang Magazine February 2013 issue:

The backstory:
RiceburnerFM recently retweeted this tweet:

RT @jamesjammcmahon: Kerrang! need new bands to send us demos for a new feature. By Friday 11/1. Mark them for my attention, 189 Shaftsbury Ave, WC2H 8JG. RT

Original Tweet:

Then RBFM followed up with an email to bands that have been in contact with RBFM over the past few years, just in case any of the bands missed the tweet.

JOANovARC, already well known and popular in their native England, received the email and got their CD out quickly. Their music beat out hundreds if not thousands of other talented bands to get a review. The fact that their review was a positive review by a well respected musician is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Shelley from JOANovARC was kind enough to send RBFM a thank you for the heads up, which RBFM greatly appreciates! However showing JOANovARC what door to knock on is not enough. JOANovARC’s talent and dedication to their craft is what got them through the door.


This is the power of social media combined with little assertiveness.
If you see an opportunity for yourself … GO FOR IT!
If you see an opportunity for others … LET THEM KNOW ABOUT IT!

Remember the universe rewards action not inaction.