miss you mika bat!

miss you mika bat!

I was very fortunate to see Theee Bat live in NYC back in 2011.
I met Mika Bat after the gig, she could not have been more pleasant,
especially after her amazing and physically demanding performance.
She was one of those people that you meet
and you instantly feel like you have always known them.

Sadly she passed away suddenly in March of 2017.
The world is a better place because of her life and music.
In honor of her birthday (11/6) and to celebrate her life,
her friends are having a tribute night (see below).

With that in mind I am sharing her emails from a few years back,
I was trying to get an interview with Theee Bat, it never came together,
but from her emails you can get an idea of how cool and fun Mika was.

She will be missed.



Hi John

Soooorryyy late reply and interview.

Your contents is difficult to answer quickly for us.
because we have not thought deeply about things.
BAT always do by intuition. (note: she meant instinct, according to their friend)

But this is a good opportunity to think for us.
Now we do BAT best!
Just a moment please!
Later Setsuko translate it.



Hi Mr Riceburner!

Ouch Sorry!!

October is BAT’s month Hell-Ween is Our Birthday(?)!

tomorrow Bat move.
Just moment please interview please!!!

Theee Bat Moving Boxes

Theee Bat Moving Boxes, notice the Halloween toys box


Hey hey John!

Thank you e-mail!!
We are ok!
Now we listen bad news in japan every day.
we worry about atomic danger very serious.
and many things become bare up in tokyo.
food,water,gas and electric.
But many friends in the world (it’s like you too!) send me e-mail.
I can get force and Courage!!
I am very lucky girl.
Thank you!

Sorry late about interview!!!!!!!!!

miKa bAAAAAt


hi John.

HOw are you?

Yeah I am intersted in twitter but…See this.


My hero The Mummies say like this.
hahaha, So i don’t. (but i do facebook, sometimes fun)

Thank you for your kindness,
We are going to go to N.Y on Nov.
Maybe some gig.


Theee Bat onstage in NYC 2011

Theee Bat onstage in NYC 2011