the Tomboys NOW 'N' RUN CD

The Tomboys NOW ‘N’ RUN CD (03 Jul 2019)

Music Review NOW ‘N’ RUN by the Tomboys from Japan

The Tomboys are Hina Tabata (lead vocals, guitar, lyrics, music), Madoka Waki (guitar), GG Wakana (bass) and NON (drums).

The Tomboys are a four-member all-girl band from Kobe, Japan. They started out as NoName, a Scandal cover band in 2011. After finding some success at home and taking a break to finish high school, the Tomboys reinvented themselves with their current moniker in 2016. They play their own brand of upbeat high energy power-pop-punk with some retro girl group flair and kitschy onstage outfits. Their fifth mini-album NOW ‘N’ RUN was released by Favarit Music in 2019. The CD was provided by the Sister / Benten label for review. Unfortunately, the Tomboys US 2020 tour was postponed due to the ongoing health and safety issues regarding large crowd events worldwide. Hopefully, the Tomboys will reschedule their USA tour soon.

1 RUN … Time 3:14
Fast-paced, upbeat fun pop with some acapella vocals. Definitely commercial soundtrack potential.

2 Vilgilia … Time 3:48
Retro country twang that might make a listener want to get up and yell “yee-ha!”. Would have liked to have had more of this sound on the CD.

3 Japanese Title translates into ‘I’m gonna do it’ … Time 2:46
Vocals are reminiscent of the band Who The B*tch, a harder rock sound than the other tracks on the CD. Guitar = banshee wails.

4 What Are We Gonna Do? … Time 2:43
Retro guitar riffs with boisterous big band type drums. Catchy English lyrics.

5 DO IT! … Time 2:35
A good motivational track for a workout. Great guitar work that kicks it up a couple of notches at 1:50. An echo or two of the surf rock classic wipeout.

6 Japanese Title translates into ‘Blue Eyes’ … Time 3:00
A slightly slower pace with hints of melancholy in the vocals and guitars.

7 Japanese Title translates into ‘Nothing’ … Time 2:53
A touch of funk/blues in the opening guitar riff. A bouncy tune with snappy singable Japanese lyrics.

RiceburnerFM recommends Now ‘N’ Run by the Tomboys. A solid collection of punk-pop tracks on this CD and a good introduction to this ‘GIRLS “HAPPY” ROCK’N’ROLL BAND’*

*Description from their website.

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