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Banana Erectors
Self Titled, 1999
Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry
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Go Bananas!

The self titled album by Banana Erectors is fast friendly pop-punk with bubble gum bratty cute vocals. Banana Erectors, a female fronted band from Japan, sing mostly in English. Many of the songs here are covers and all are heavily influenced by The Ramones and the girl group sound. The CD booklet contains Banana Erectors’ lyrics and brief background information on the band members. The CD case is a bright banana yellow, naturally.

There is little about the band available online, but the members were:
Masumi Toshikawa, stage name: May… Vocals,
Guitar Takashi Okazaki, stage name: Ten … Guitar
Takashi Okutaki, stage name: Nut … Bass
Yukata Sasabev, stage name: Hottie … Drums

An anthem for the underemployed

Tracklist and some notes:

1. Pretzel Eatin’ Rocker, time 2:00
Sax reminiscent of X-ray Specs.

2. Teenage 3K Worker, time 1:45
3K Worker is Japanese slang for Blue Collar work. An anthem for the underemployed.

3. Fed Up With Highschool Days, time 2:08
Clever line, “She eagerly waits for the world to end other times”.

4. Get Married To Your Job, time 2:01
Relationship audio angst.

5. I Woke Up In Love This Morning, time 2:46
Nice Partridge Family cover.

6. Danger Zone, time 1:37
A girlie rocker.

7. (Jenny Is) Looking For Flavor, time 2:08
Very Ramones-y.

8. Pierrot Le Fou, time 3:36
Too long.

9. I’M Henry The VIII, I Am, I Am, time 1:50
Quirky cover of the Herman’s Hermits‘ classic.

10. Break My Heart, time 3:04
Quick beat, solid guitar work.

11. Fun At The Beach, time 1:57
A B Girls Cover. Belongs on a teen / beach movie soundtrack.

12. I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight, time 2:18
What the what? Where did that sax come from?

13. Disagreeable Sensation, time 4:58
Odd. 2 songs on 1 track, second starts at 3:19.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM.com recommends the self titled album by Banana Erectors. The band is apparently gone, but they have left this album as a neat keepsake to remember them by.
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video courtesy youtube / bucksdanny