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Moon Kana
Tsuki no Usagi (Moon Rabbit), 2007
Label: Moon King
Website: http://ref.co.jp/kana/


Singer Moon

Tsuki no Usagi (Moon Rabbit) by Moon Kana is an audio fairy tale. Sung in Japanese, French and English with innocence and wonder, Moon Rabbit is a bit of a departure from Japanese solo artist Moon Kana’s earlier works, when she was known simply as Kana.

Here Moon Kana is still playful but more meticulous with her sound and exacting with her singing. Gone is the bratty brashness, the echoes of Siouxsie and the cat screech singing. Paradoxically as she as grown as a performer her stage persona has become more childlike, almost to the point of being a children’s entertainer. This quality makes her music very friendly to the ears, even to those unfamiliar with Jpop or Visual Kei.

Put out by her own label Moon King, the CD design and booklet are lovingly adorned with many exquisite dreamlike photos of the Gothic & Lolita Bible model, Moon Kana. The booklet contains her lyrics as well.

Tea time with the Mad Hatter

The story unfolds:

1. Chocolat (Chocolate), time … 3:18
A dizzying daydream, tea time with the Mad Hatter.

2. Picnic, time … 4:09
Picnic? Yes, a picnic in the poppy field of Oz.

3. MOON WINGS, time … 3:03
Helicopters sound FX? Moon Kana is full of surprises!

4. Doragon (Dragon), time … 3:06
Deeper more adult vocals.

5. Usagi (Rabbit), time … 2:42
Rockin’ bunny song, Moon Kana plays with the pronunciations of the lyrics / words to create a down the rabbit hole musical event. Waiting for the dance remix.

6. Yume No Kuni (Country Of Dreams), time … 2:49
Hints of country twang.

7. Lapin (Rabbit), time … 3:00
Closest to a pop song included here.

8. Tenku (The Sky), time … 4:21
A bit long. Something akin to a rock ballad.

9. Tsukishiro (White Moon), time … 3:22
This belongs on some Hollywood epic soundtrack. Moon Kana talking under her singing is simply enchanting.

10. Moon Wings ~Tsubasa No Hikari Version~
(Moon Wings ~Wings Of Light Version~)
, time … 4:17
A slower, darker and sadder version of Moon Kings with a touch of Nightmare before Christmas creepiness.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Tsuki no Usagi (Moon Rabbit) by Moon Kana. Dorothy, Alice, etc., make room for Moon Kana, a storybook heroine / fairy princess come to life and poised to make the music world her own.
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Moon (-kana-)Moon (-kana-)

photos courtesy Flickr / Jari Kaariainen

video courtesy youtube / Kanabunny