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Red Abbey
On My Way, 2009
Website: redabbeyband.com
Music provided by the band


On Their Way …

Red Abbey’s five song EP … On My Way is a terrific introduction to this talented duo. Classically trained musicians Thien-nga (pronounced “teen-ya”) and Trey formed Red Abbey in 2008. Since then, Red Abbey have ignored the mainstream and have created several solid blues funk rock tracks. Thien-nga handles the song writing, vocals and violin, while Trey writes the music and plays the guitar.

On My Way has strong performances, real musical craftsmanship and some surprises as well.

Shaft type funk with a violin counterpoint

1- Me, time 2:51
Retro sound. Sharp lyrics. Defiant tone.

2- Broken Heart, time 3:15
Nice FX on vocals intro, touch of sadness, perfect fit for a Lifetime channel movie soundtrack.

3- Red Petals, time 2:53
Haunting vocals, reminiscent of Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) by Concrete Blonde.

4- This Thing, time 2:28
Two scoops of funk in this tune about knowing when to say “enough” to a relationship.

5- What Can I Say, time 2:59
70s style refrain, Shaft type funk with a violin counterpoint.

The Takeaway:
Riceburner.FM recommends On My Way the five song EP by Red Abbey.
This is an exciting first effort from Red Abbey.
Available on Amazon.com and iTunes!


photo courtesy flickr / JaceMcCoy

video courtesy youtube / RedAbbeyBand


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