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Sinner Sinners
Cardinal Sins, Unreleased
Label: Unsigned


Sinner Sinners: Unrepentant!

Touring regularly in both their native France and the American West Coast, Sinner Sinners are busy rocking audiences and making music. Sinner Sinners are Steve Thill (guitar / bass / vocals) and Sam Thill (keyboards / vocals) along with some of their musically gifted friends and bandmates on two continents. They define their sound as French Dutch Horror Punk. Add to that traces of metal and a touch or two of rockabilly, some well crafted lyrics, goth-y vocals and you get their album … Cardinal Sins.

There have been some changes to the tracklist.
Updated tracklist and some thoughts follow:

1. Zero, time 1:40
Effective and moody instrumental piece with some horror movie audio mixed in.

2. Metropolis, time 2:39
First-rate riffs, kicks into high gear at 2:01.

3. Sonic Boom, time 2:42
A solid rocker that is likely to get stuck in your head.

4. L.A.’s Burning, time 2:44
Powerful imagery in the lyrics … “Hollywood sign lit up in red”. A simple but effective refrain … “FIRE!”, but it ends a bit abruptly.

5. Dead Dead Dead, time 3:10
A spooky Munsters-type vibe with very un-PC lyrics.

6. Stetson, time 3:12
Honkytonk-ish with explicit language.

a solid rocker that is likely to get stuck in your head

7. Nightmares, time 3:34
Excellent duel vocals. Reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy.

8. Cadavra, time 3:00
Interesting juxtaposition with the lyric “everything gonna be just fine” and THE Bela clip.

9. 101, time 2:41
Perfect fit for a GTA-type video game soundtrack.

10. There’s No Place Like … , time 3:33
Hypnotic. An echo of “Black Hole Sun” towards end.

11. Aloha, time 2:29
Interesting Hawaiian-horror mix.

12. Mummy, time 3:20
Heavy duty goth rock complete with ghoulish laughter.

The Takeaway: recommends Cardinal Sins by Sinner Sinners.
No release date on these killer tracks yet but you can check out all of them now.

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