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Morgue Radio Presents …
Hymns from the House of Horror!
Various Artists, 2010
Label: ruemorgueradio.com


Scary! Scary!

Rue Morgue is celebrating the 100th issue of their horror magazine with a free music compilation download. The album is entitled Rue Morgue Radio Presents … Hymns from the House of Horror. It is a top quality collection of horror rock acts that also showcases the variety within the genre. Available for a limited time at http://www.rue-morgue.com/hymns.php
UPDATE: As of 2010-12-17: Apparently … no longer available, a 404 page in its place!

For those who are retro inclined, PDFs of the CD cover and CD face are included. Worth printing out for the striking haunted house illustration on the CD cover.

top quality collection

Tracklist and thoughts:

1. Rue Morgue Radio by The Creepshow, time … 3:34
Skip the intro go directly to 0:52 to rock out.

2. Haunted Nursery by Midnight Syndicate, time … 2:49
Creepy wind-up music box SFX.

3. Into the Cauldron by Cauldron, time … 4:32
A bit of metal.

4. Black Dream by The Independents, time … 2:59
More of a love song.

5. Return of the Living Dead by Ghoultown, time … 3:35
Giddy up! Western Horror!

6. Banshee Beach by The Ghastly Ones, time … 2:32
Spooky surf tune.

7. Redneck Zombies Tomb Dragomir Mix by Psycho Charger, time … 3:47
Genuinely disturbing.

8. It’s Only the End of the World by Harley Poe, time … 4:39
A light hearted song of the apocalypse.

9. Nightmare World by Those Poor Bastards, time … 4:12

10. My Body’s A Zombie For You by Dead Man’s Bones, time … 4:32
Kid chorus makes this extra creepy.

11. Hand of Glory by Forbidden Dimension, time … 1:57
A rocker.

12. Something Weird by Zombina and the Skeletones, time … 2:47
Quirky girl group sound with NBXM-ish chorus.

13. Grave Robber at Large by Creature Feature, time … 2:58
Danny Elfman meets Munster’s theme.

14. Saint of Killers by Damn Laser Vampires, time … 3:51
Start a band. Call it “the whispering undead spitfire” taken from this song’s lyrics.

15. Hurt by Balzac, time … 2:25
Fast. Fun.

16. The Lost Soul by The Handsome Family, time … 3:22
Funeral dirge-ish.

17. Oil and Blood by The Unsettlers, time … 6:10
A dramatic reading.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Rue Morgue Radio Presents … Hymns from the House of Horror. While the album itself seems to be no longer available, if horror rock is your cup of tea (or blood?) it may be worth taking some time to check out the acts involved.

The Creepshow 2008-10-22 GHOULTOWN 069060P1160003Damn Laser VampiresZombina and the Skeletones 27BALZAC!

videos courtesy youtube / darklordbunnykins / UnsteadyFreddie / Damn Laser Vampires
photos courtesy flickr / Jazmin Million / zimfo / alexadan / lalala_ / Two Truths / IcInGsUgarGrl