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Red Bacteria Vacuum
Untitled CD-R, circa 2007
Label: Unknown / Indie


3 Tracks and a Filler

The untitled CD-R by Red Bacteria Vacuum is a good primer from the hard working garage girl punk trio. While still rough, the tunes here are easier on the ears than some of their other musical offerings. These are solid performances and the tracks contain many engaging elements, but the songs could be edited down to better highlight their strengths.

Originally from Osaka, Red Bacteria Vacuum are now located in Tokyo, Japan and they tour both at home and in the USA. While the CD-R is usually only for sale at their live shows, it is available with a tour DVD*. There are no credits on the disc, but the Red Bacteria Vacuum members here are Ikum on vocals / guitar with Kassan on vocals / bass.

Tracks contain many engaging elements, but …

The Short List:

1. Liar Boy, time … 2:46
Opens strong with a quick beat. Hard to hear / too low vocal filters matched with screaming.

2. Sing Of Love, time … 3:49
Too long. Vocal filters and girl harmony mixed with unruly rock and roll.

3. Turn & Tuner, time … 4:33
Way too long. Reminiscent of arena rock.

4. Bonus Track, time … 1:22
Some noise and goofing around by the band.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends the untitled CD-R by Red Bacteria Vacuum, but ONLY for those who are predisposed for riot girl / garage rock music. Newbies to the genre beware.

Red Bacteria VaccuumSXSW10_JapanNite_pt2_06
photos courtesy flickr / elaine a / patrusk