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Various Artists
We Ain’t Housewife Material, 2004
Label: Dionysus Records
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Get out of the House and Have some FUN!

We Ain’t Housewife Material: An International Collection of All-Girl Punk, Rock and Garage is an entertaining assortment of songs with fairly consistent quality from track to track. Sung in English for the most part, the bands here offer an exciting snapshot of female musicians worldwide. Unfortunate that the CD cover illustration and interior layout design aren’t doing the bands any good.

Be warned: there is some free range snark in the reviews that follow.

1. Rock ‘n Roll 69 by Betty Blowtorch from the USA, time: 2:41
A real rocker that would fit in well on a video game trailer soundtrack.

2. Sandy Starlight by Mensen from the Netherlands, time: 3:19
Too long, nice lyrics, very poppy.

3. Arrest Me by The Gee Strings from Germany, time: 2:20
Straight forward girl punk. Okay, but nothing new here.

4. Slow Children by Elvis McMan from the USA, time: 2:13
UN-PC lyrics with echoes of the Avengers.

5. Have You Seen The Landscapes Today? by Fifi And The Mach 3 from Japan, time: 3:32
Landscapes … no, but a finely manicured soundscape … Yes!

6. Wrestle With An Angel by Electric Turn To Me from the USA, time: 2:44
Nina Hagen-ish with compelling lyrics.

7. Upside Down by Flowermulu from Japan, time: 3:42
In Japanese, dreamy vocals and rockin’ 60s style organ playing make a hypnotic sound.

8. Fighting To Keep Her Alive by She-Male Trouble from Germany, time: 2:52
A solid number. A little reminiscent of Just A Girl by No Doubt.

9. Party by The Soap from Japan, time: 2:11
High energy punky party. Fun.

10. Sick Bitch by The Dirty Burds from the UK, time: 2:26
Sounds like female version of Jones Crusher’s Naughty Boy.

11. Dead Of Night by The Tutsis from the USA, time: 2:03
No Comment.

12. Fight Back by Candyrag from the UK, time: 1:26
In the riot girl / Bikini Kill tradition.

13. 7/11 by Cyclub from the USA, time: 1:19
Fun lyric, “everythings’ gonna be yah yah yah”, but not much else to offer here.

14. Fragile by Ventra from Italy, time: 4:21
In Italian, too long, but has feature film soundtrack quality.

15. Free Soul by Red Bacteria Vacuum from Japan, time: 1:41
Raw garage girl rock.

16. Shut The F*ck Up by Blaire Bitch Project from the USA, time: 2:17
Good advice. Not so good song.?It relies way too heavily on the shock value of swear words.

17. Punk Is Dead by Demolition Girl And The Strawberry Men from Germany, time: 2:15
This one won’t revive it.

18. Drunk Boogie by Astro Babys from Japan, time: 3:16
Cutesy + Rockabilly = Cuteabilly!

19. Kajitsu by Frill from Japan, time: 4:44
Too long and the delicate vocals are buried in the overpowering music.

20. Suny by Belly Button from Japan, time: 1:55
A bubble gum sweet tune with girlie / Betty Boop-ish vocals that Daisy Chainsaw fans may like.

The Take Away:
RiceburnerFM recommends the We Ain’t Housewife Material compilation. Overall a strong selection of tunes with more positives than negatives, add a few jolts to your playlists.
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