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Label: Velour Voice
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No sophomore slump here

CATALYSTROCK is the eagerly awaited second album from the band Molice. It does not disappoint.

Molice, a female fronted quartet from Japan, formed in 2007 and released their debut CD, Doctor Ray, in 2008. They draw upon the Police and the Pixies, among others for inspiration. For Catalystrock, Molice builds on their previous success of blending their influences with hooks galore, impressive riffs and a powerful voice to create their own ear friendly sound.

What is new on Catalystrock is that Molice’s sound is more refined and the songs are noticeably tighter. The result is a well crafted audio experience that is compelling and exciting.

Tell them that it is indie.

The people that you have to thank are:
Rinko … Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lyrics
Yuzuru Takeda … Lead Guitar
Ikuhiro … Bass
Takashi Koyama … Drums

Don’t think of Molice as just another J-Pop / J-Rock band and here is why:

1. Monster, time 3:56
A straight foreword hook + relentless beat = fun.

2. Romancer, time 4:09
Hard to resist. Side order of funk arrives at 2:56, this tune belongs on a dance movie soundtrack.

3. Android Said, time 3:13
Catchy. “Rock Lobster“-ish intro, endearing Engrish pronunciation of the word “android” with a surf guitar riff.

4. Monday Runs, time 4:30
A little restrained, but haunting.

5. Paint it Yellow, time 4:16
“Everything she does is magic” vibe with delicate vocals.

6. Perfect Morning, time 3:21
Slower more melodic, a real 70s feel.

7. Let’s Merge!, time 3:41
V-E-R-Y Police.

8. Into You, time 3:37
A dash of “She’s Lost Control” in the intro with girlier vocals than the other offerings.

9. Fine Wave, time 4:46
Dreamlike. Touch of sadness. Hint of “Dead Souls“.

10. Still Alive, time 1:35
Interesting, but this short track doesn’t really fit with the album’s overall “feng shui“.

11. Praying, time 5:57
Way too long, still the overlapping vocals at the end are engaging.

12. The Haze, time 2:50
A rocker. Contains an echo of “I can see for miles” in the intro, a gasp at 2:15 and a merciless guitar riff.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends Catalystrock by Molice. Even your non J-pop / J-Rock music fan friends should enjoy this album. Tell them that it is indie.
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photos courtesy flickr / Alan Cooper

videos courtesy youtube / voidmaru