Welcome to the (Broken) Doll House!

Broken Doll is a store, a fashion label and a band!
Since 2006 Broken Doll have been mixing kawaii visiuals with up-beat pop-punk.
The driving force behind Broken Doll is Fashion Maker / Entrepreneur / Vocalist / Guitarist Kensuke Iwai.

Broken Doll Kensuke was kind enough to answer a few questions via email.

RiceburnerFM: Broken Doll’s new CD is “Reach For The Sky”, is there a story behind that title?

Broken Doll Kensuke: Japan was ruined in the big earthquake. All Japanese people had despaired. But we have to revive. The thought was put. We say to the Japanese people “Reach For The Sky” and stay strong.

RiceburnerFM: Lyrics or music … which comes first in Broken Doll’s creative process?

Broken Doll Kensuke: First music, next lyrics.

RiceburnerFM: Broken Doll is not just a band it is a fashion line, where does one end and the other begin?

Broken Doll Kensuke: It’s same time. Music and Fashion, there is no boundary line. I wanted to make a band with a fashion brand. Broken Doll makes all of things that related to the band are committed by ourselves. The things are making music, recording, mixdown, stage clothes and the new culture of Japanese colorful fashion.

Broken Doll has abundant imaginative power and hungry soul

RiceburnerFM: “Super cute” design originated in Japan, but is popular worldwide, so what does “kawaii” mean to you?

Broken Doll Kensuke: I think “kawaii” is independent, original, make myself, they are what Broken Doll is doing.

RiceburnerFM: From Broken Doll’s (the fashion line) style sense to Broken Doll’s (the band) Madonna covers, what is it about the 80’s that attracts you?

Broken Doll Kensuke: There was very rich imaginative power in the 80s.
It was very gorgeous.
It was very vivid.
It was very wise.
However, there was little hungry soul.
Broken Doll has abundant imaginative power and hungry soul.

RiceburnerFM: What other bands on the Japanese music scene should music fans outside of Japan be checking out?

Broken Doll Kensuke: If you love colorful fashion that around Harajyuku streets, you should check out Broken Doll’s action and fashion. Broken Doll’s fashion are real underground culture of Japan, and real Japanese indie-Rock. I do not occur to others.

Note: Think that he means that it does not occur to him to follow others.

RiceburnerFM: What will Broken Doll be doing ten years from now?

Broken Doll Kensuke: Maybe, makes music, recording, play rock live, makes colorful fashion, and so all. I do that it is the same as now. However, thought grows. I would like to make far bigger Broken Doll’s culture than now.

Note: Think that he means that he would like to make Broken Doll’s impact on pop culture far bigger then it is currently. RiceburnerFM thanks Broken Doll Kensuke for answering these questions. Broken Doll’s new album … Reach For The Sky is available now.



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