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KILL, 2012
samples provided by label



Welcome To CANTOY’s New World!

Cantoy’s second album is entitled “KILL”, despite the menacing title CANTOY’s sound is very accessible to todays music market. CANTOY’s music is an intriguing fusion of kawaii style pop vocals and digital hardcore excess with some punk / metal pastiches.

Formed in Tokyo 2004, CANTOY’s line up is:

  • Vocals: miri-pow
  • Lead Guitar: Catherine
  • Bass: HAGA-Chang
  • Drums: Ken

Some CANTOY related trivia … when she is not working with the rest of the band, lead vocalist miri-pow is also a fashion model, lead guitarist Catherine is actually a guy and the whole band really likes beer, CANTOY really likes beer so much that they write songs about how much they really like beer.

Now the track list and some thoughts …

A dance remix could be dangerous!

1. SAMURAI GIRL, time … 3:59
Most likely destined to be on an anime soundtrack! This is a fun fast romp, a pop-punk number with plenty of mainstream appeal. miri-pow vocals show depth and range … from lithe to raging! The male vocals are cartoon-ish and obviously meant to be so but the samurai girl refrain is catchy.

2. TENKAIPPIN, time … 3:39
A hard-to-resist tune with happy rap-ish vocals and metal bass.
However a tad too long, the 3:00 add-on is unnecessary, just background noise and woops.

3. CREPE LOOP, time … 4:16
Fun title / lyric. Retro 80s lead-in. High energy vocals with brief death metal interlude at 2:52.

4. RANKA, time … 3:31
Hard driving rocker.

5. PLAY DEAD, time … 3:07
Pacing is sporadically frantic, but the tune is definitely worth checking out.
Defiant miri-pow vocals kick it up a notch at 1:43.

6. T.K.G., time … 2:57
A playful piece that features video game sfx. Also the interesting contrast between female vocals (high and squeaky) and male vocals (low growling death metal) is even more prominent here.

7. ALCOHOLIC PEOPLE, time … 4:16
Tour de force!
The quintessential metal intro builds into other worldly pop. A dance remix could be dangerous!

8. NEW WORLD, time … 3:49
The simple straightforward lyric, “Welcome to my new world!” is welcomed indeed. A gentle opening interlude quickly gives way to old school rap and pop thunder. At 2:44 the track effortlessly transitions to funk with enthusiasm. It wraps up as high grade ear candy.

The Takeaway:
RiceburnerFM recommends KILL by CANTOY. Stand out tracks on KILL are New World, Alcoholic People and Samurai Girl. All of which offer some tantalizing glimpses on possible new musical directions for CANTOY in the future, also these tracks in particular just plain rock!