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Who the Bitch
Self Titled EP, 2007
Label: 3d
Available on Amazon on CD


Who The Bitch: Sassy Rock!

No runts in this litter, the self titled six song EP by Who the Bitch features the bubble gum cute wordplay mangling of sexy sweet lyrics, first rate girl group harmony, neat pop punk mixed with some surf-ish guitar, slick production and an undercurrent of boundless enthusiasm.

Their grammar damaged name is the first hint that the songs are sung mostly in adorable Engrish (look it up). It is best to review the lyrics as the pronunciations are way off, although there are some typos, you will get the idea and it does not in any way detract from the music’s positive fun vibe and after a fashion, sing along quality.

The CD cover has a cooler than you could ever hope to be photo of the band, their line up is ladies ehi (Vocal & Guitar), Nao Star (Vocal & Bass) and gentleman yatch (Drums). Who The Bitch formed in 2005 in the Kanto region of Japan, which includes Tokyo, but ehi and Nao Star are from Osaka, one of Japan‘s musical hotbeds. They released these songs in 2007.

song about love lost with make you blush lyrics

The Track List and some thoughts:

1. In the can, time 1:51
Sets the tone for the rest of the tunes with a fast friendly number that is accessible to the open minded non jpop / jrock ear. The lyric, swim swim lets breed, should be an advertising slogan or a cheer for a swim team.

2. My Rockin’ Star, time 3:30
Clear vocal harmony and they are singing in part about underwear.

3. Cherry, time 2:54
Yes, it is about what you think, but it is much more than that. It is a high speed yet slightly sad song about love lost with make you blush lyrics.

4. MOSQUITO, time 2:48
Surf guitar meets cartoon hero theme song on the intro.

5. My Point, time 3:13
Has a deeper funkier bass than the other songs and asks the lingering question, “what you ganna do?”.

6. Japanese title, time 3:17
Big, bold and mostly in Japanese, sounds like a declaration type rock anthem.

The Take Away:
RiceburnerFM.com recommends the self titled EP, Who the Bitch. It is a rollicking high energy kinetic frantic fun pop punk party debut! It is not to be missed. Available from Amazon!

video courtesy youtube / whothebitch

Who the BitchWho the BitchWho the Bitch

photos courtesy Flickr / FZki

Nao Star